Gender sensitive education project

“Towards gender sensitive education” is a three-year long project implemented by five organisations from three EU countries in a strategic partnership. The project addresses the issue of gender diversity in classroom. The main objective is to enhance gender sensitivity of current and future teachers.

We aim to support our schools in providing inclusive classroom environments where girls and boys can develop their competencies in a safe and welcoming atmosphere without the pressure of strong gender stereotypes.

Vienna meeting

Project partners met in Vienna in late February to discuss recent developments in the project. The partners shared their experiences of the first pilot courses. The courses were focused on two different…

Training in Vienna

A short-term joint staff training event took place in Vienna at the end of May 2018 (22.5.-26.5.). The Austrian partner – Verein EfEU- hosted the event and two persons (or more) for…

Start of the project

The project “Towards gender-sensitive education” started in September 2017. The first meeting of the five involved organizations took place at the Masaryk University in Brno (4.-6.11.2017). The first step of the project…

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