Hungarian Women’s Lobby – multiplier event for teachers

On 3rd November 2020, the Hungarian Women’s Lobby organized a multiplier event for teachers, an online information seminar with the title “School Land Belongs to Everyone”. The event had to be organized online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but it still attracted quite a significant number of participants. Among the participants there were teachers, including our former trainees in the pilot training courses, academic experts and employees and activists of NGOs working in the field of human rights education. In the first part, a presentation introduced all of the project’s phases, the main findings of the comparative report, the 10 pilot courses realized in the project, the awareness-raising videos and the handbook for teacher trainers.

In the second part, a moderated discussion took place among 3 teachers based on the different educational topics covered by the awareness-raising videos. After each video was shown, the three teachers discussed practical experience and further educational aspects related to the issues of double standard, sexual harassment, homophobic bullying, career counselling and parallel scenes of a more negative and a gender-sensitive school environment. The teachers led insightful conversations about these issues, with a quite high level of sensitivity to gender inequalities in schools. In the third part, questions were asked by members of the audience related to the training handbook. Based on the active participation of attendees as well as their sustained interest and positive feedback the webinar seemed to be a real success. The video of the event in Hungarian language can be viewed on HWL’s website.