Multiplier events at ELTE

ELTE organized two multiplier events presenting the intellectual outputs of the project. The first one addressed teacher trainers in the form of an online workshop after the presentation of the intellectual outputs. The participants had the opportunity to reflect on the possibilities and opportunities of a more substantial presence of gender-related topics in teacher education and on the methodologies adopted by the courses. The small group of participants from various teacher trainer institutions were enthusiastic, especially about the Methodology book that they can use in their own courses.

The second event was a workshop for policymakers and policy analysts. Its goal was to seek concrete possibilities of how to implement the lessons from the project on the level of policies in the Hungarian context. Among the policymakers, stakeholders of Church and alternative school networks were also represented. The 12 participants engaged in a fruitful and in-depth discussion about the national educational context, and the possibilities of raising awareness on gender-sensitive education in different contexts.