Our project is slowly approaching its close

Our project is slowly approaching its close and that´s why we focus substantially on disseminating its key learnings and findings. Several project consortium members, namely Dagmar Krišová, Dorottya Rédai and Claudia Schneider, have prepared a short article about international perspectives on social education. The text appeared in the Czech journal Sociální pedagogika (Social Education). In April 2020 the Austrian colleague Renate Tanzberger held in German an online lecture called Gemeinsam gegen Diskriminierung (Together Against Discrimination).  Within the lecture Ms Tanzberger presented inter alia the project and its main outputs. Last but not least, the text Geschlechtergerechtigkeit und Schule (Gender Justice and School) written by Renate Tanzberger came out on the Austrian website GEWALTINFO. The article is available in German. In coming weeks more information on our dissemination activities will follow.