Verein EfEU – 2nd pilot course

EfEU ran the second pilot in cooperation with the University of Vienna. 16 students took part in the proseminar “Gender in the focus of pedagogy and school research: From the introduction of coeducation to queer pedagogy”. The training was held from March till May 2019 and consisted of 7 sessions à 3 hours.

Quotes of participants

“Very well done! If I were not already at the end of my studies and I still needed a course in pedagogy, I would attend a course like this again at any time.”

“Very good course. Go on like that! Thanks for all the input and resources!”

“The course inspired me to question my own actions.”

“Very pleasant discussion and working atmosphere.”

“Role-playing was great.”

“Never done anything pointless.”

“3 hours units were pleasant and relaxed, the only seminar in pedagogy that was interesting and valuable.”