Masaryk University – 2nd pilot course 

In the second pilot ran by Masaryk University, nine students took part. Based on discussions with project partners, lecturers successfully tested new methods and activities. Students appreciated the friendly atmosphere and practical focus of the course.

Quotes of participants:
“I’m thrilled. It’s one of the few courses that gave me something useful for my teaching practice. I also liked the attitude of being actively guided rather than any passive lecture. I liked the methods, the number of activities. Links to books were great.” 

“I’m glad I was here. It opened my eyes.”  

“I enjoyed trying my reactions in certain situations. That inspired me a lot.”

“It gave me another insight into society and what topics can be opened with the kids. This would not come to my mind before the lessons, and by having links to the materials we have got, it is easy for me to choose. It was a nice time spent here for me. Thank you.”

“I’m glad that such a course, where everyone has own space to think and talk, exists. I am happy for the demonstrations of activities we have done and for which we have a link to.”

“It exceeded my expectations. The clock was running fast by the fact that the activities were balanced. It was a benefit for me in practice and in the approach.”